Ryu Soo Young

Ryu Soo Young’s casting in Two Weeks has been confirmed. On June 11, Will Entertainment stated, “Actor Ryu Soo Young participated in the script reading for MBC's Two Weeks on June 4 and has confirmed his appearance.”

Two Weeks has already confirmed actors Lee Jun Ki, Kim So Yeon, Park Ha Shik, and Jo Min Ki to also star in the show. The drama tells the story of Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) who is framed for murder, and is also trying to save his daughter, who has leukemia.

Actor Ryu Soo Young will be playing the role of elite detective, Lim Seung Woo, who comes from a police family, proud of taking the number one spot for arrest rates. He is a hot-blooded detective, chasing Jang Tae San, who runs away after being framed for murder. Put between Suh In Hye (Park Ha Sun) and Jang Tae San, a love triangle is sure to create some tension in the story.

With this casting decision, many are wondering if the actor would be leaving MBC's variety program Sunday Night - Real Man.

In regards to this, the agency revealed, "Ryu Soo Young is strongly attached to both Real Man and Two Weeks. Thanks to the production crews' considerations on both sides, it seems he will be able to work side by side along the two projects. We're planning to coordinate the schedule so that there won't be any overworking."

Ryu Soo Young commented, “This will be my first time acting as a detective since my debut, though I’m nervous, my feelings of excitement are greater. I’ve always wanted to act out an active and manly character and I’ve met this work. I’m really looking forward to this as I think I’ll be able to show more new looks that I haven’t shown in a while. I request for a lot of interest.”

He also said, “Despite the tight schedule and being considerate according to my greed, I thank both directors and staff members of Two Weeks and Real Man. I will try my best to perform without being no one on either side.”

Two Weeks is scheduled to be broadcasted in August as a follow-up to Queen’s Classroom, of which the first episode will air on June 12.

(source: nate news)