Ryu Soo Young Actor Ryu Soo Young presents masterpiece acting in the one-act play A Faded Memory. Broadcasted on June 12 in KBS's drama special, Ryu Soo Young plays Young Jae, an owner of a used bookstore who he loses his memory after a car accident. In the play, Ryu Soo Young sobs in the hospital, showing truly impactful, sorrowful acting at the site of the car accident. Netizens who saw Ryu Soo Young’s acting in the drama short commented, “It was nice to see Ryu Soo Young in the one-act play,” “Ryu Soo Young appear more in one-act plays please,” and, “Seeing Ryu Soo Young in a drama short is different from seeing him in variety shows.” (source: naver news)