Seo In Guk In the first episode The Master’s Sun (airing on July 31), Seo In Guk will be taking on the role of Kang Woo, who begins working at a security firm to protect people’s lives. Apparently, he's working hard to train for it. The actor’s agency, Jellyfish’s Entertainment stated:
“Seo In Guk is putting all of his effort into detailed acting expressions, from deep eye-contact acting to facial expressions for the role of Kang Woo. In order to present Kang Woo’s look, after finalizing the drama casting, he succeeded in creating a more masculine body with weight loss of course, and the combination of diet and weight training.”
Also the production company, Bon Factory stated, “With many versatile talents, Seo In Guk is being acknowledged for his acting skills through various projects and is solidifying his position as an actor.” And, “As Seo In Guk throws away freshness and takes the challenge as a charismatic security team leader, please look forward to Kang Woo’s appearance.” The Master’s Sun is a combination of romantic-comedy & horror, about an arrogant and stingy man and the soul of a tearful woman with the ability to see ghosts. (source: nate news)