On September 23, Song Seung Hun was a guest on  QQ.com, a Chinese online broadcast. The actor talked about his dream to marry and to have a family of his own. He stated that he would rather be a great father than a great actor, if he had to choose one.

What would the marriage ceremony be like? The actor revealed that it would be great if "it was just the two of us and maybe a couple of friends." He also revealed that an ideal ceremony would be "at a beautiful location and quiet. Some time ago while I was filming, I saw a small church by a beach and thought that it would be amazing to get married at a place like that."

Regarding actress Liu Yifei, his girlfriend, he said that he believes he has met "a really good person." They haven't set any serious things in stone yet, but he would like to "continue the good feelings for a long time."

What a sweet man! He would surely be an awesome dad too!

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