We have all heard the saying "the past can haunt you," and Korean celebrities are no exception. Whether it is scandals, rumors, or situations gone awry, these events can leave a lasting impact on the career of a star. But it is not just the negative occurrences that can have an adverse affect. Actor Yoon Si Yoon, most recently in Mirror of the Witch, made an appearance at an all-girls' university where he talked about the downsides of the success he has seen. What bad things could come with becoming a K-drama superstar? Read on to find out. 

Actor Yoon Si Yoon tasted success right from the beginning of his debut. His debut project saw ratings of over 30 percent, which was then followed by the amazing success of Baker King Kim Tak Goo receiving a rating of over 50 percent at its height! Perhaps it was this past history that made Yoon Si Yoon promise to get ratings over 50 percent for the variety show 2 Days &1 Night

However, his early success has come with a price. Baker King Kim Tak Goo was such a hit that the actor is still feeling the pressure to live up to its high ratings and popularity. Yoon said earlier at a press conference for Mirror of the Witch, "Kim Tak Goo was like an amazing hat that I got to wear. When I took the hat off, it left such a deep impression that sometimes people can't see me without the hat." 

Yoon went on to confess that, "My debut project got over 30 percent ratings and Kim Tak Goo got over 50 percent. Rather than liking it, I was terrified. I wanted to hide rather than try and live up to the pressure. But then my colleagues kept trying new things and got over that fear and walked their own paths. When I went to the army, I wanted to cry out of regret that I didn't follow their example."

Let's cheer him on as he pushes forward. Make sure to check out Mirror of the Witch! 


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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