20130123_kimwoobin Actor and model Kim Woo Bin has been garnering a lot of attention as he stars in the popular tvN drama School 2013 as the ex-best friend of Lee Jong Suk. As proof of his rising popularity, several of Kim Woo Bin's selfies have been uploaded via Nate Pann, commenting that what you see on screen does not do justice to the actor's "real" look. The author repeatedly commented throughout the post that Kim Woo Bin is depicted as the worst on television and in real-life, he is "so good looking that your mouth won't even drop." Here are some of the "selfie" pictures of Kim Woo Bin which are supposedly the "closest" to what he actually looks like. 20130123_kimwoobin2 20130123_kimwoobin3   20130123_kimwoobin4 20130123_kimwoobin5 What do you think? Does School 2013 do him justice, or is he hotter in real life? (Source: www.pann.nate.com)