It took fans by surprise to hear that Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee are now legally married. It was even more surprising to hear that they are currently expecting their first child. However, perhaps most surprising of all, this all comes after just two months of dating! 

Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee announced that they were dating right after filming ended for their drama Laurel Tree Tailors. That was two months ago. Now, Lee and Jo have been reported to have filed their wedding papers and are also expecting!

Lee Dong Gun personally addressed his fans stating,

“I am writing this because I think all of you should be the first ones to know. Jo Yoon Hee and I, who met through a drama and became lovers, have registered our marriage and legally become husband and wife. While preparing to get married, we were blessed with a child, and we are thankfully and eagerly waiting for the child’s birth. For now, I will be focusing on my drama ‘Seven Day Queen’ (tentative title), and we will hold a private wedding with our family and close acquaintances once I am done with the project. I am unsure about how this news will be received by my fans who have always supported me, but as much as I want to become a better actor and a happier person, it is my wish to receive blessings from all of you. Please look over us warmly. In order to repay the love I’ve received from everyone, I will work hard to become an even better actor and a great husband.”

Today, Jo Yoon Hee also addressed the news on her live radio show on KBS CoolFM: Jo Yoon Hee’s Raise the Volume


"You were all surprised by the news, right? The articles [about the marriage and pregnancy] were published today, and many were surprised but we’ve also received a lot of warm congratulations. Thank you. The timing was just right for everything, almost like we’d planned it all out. We promise to live bright and positive lives, like the shining morning star.”

Please join us in congratulating the new happy family and wishing them happiness in marriage and health in birth!

Were you surprised by this news? Let us know below!

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