Go Joon Hee is moving on up!

Recently, the She Was Pretty actress signed an exclusive contract to join the ranks of Choi Ji WooGu Hye SunLee Jong Suk and many more in the acting department of YG Entertainment. A source from the top agency shared this exciting message with the media today, 

“We are happy to welcome Go Joon Hee, a star who has a multi-colored charm, into the family. We’re expecting a positive synergy to unveil between the actors and the company through this exclusive contract.”

The 31 year-old actress and model has already expanded her career overseas by landing a starring role in the upcoming C-drama The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream. Fans are probably anxious to see what type of project she will be apart of next! YGE has the Midas touch when it comes to their star's careers. Besides shooting 2NE1BIGBANG, BLACKPINK and Akdong Musician to super stardom, they jump-started young stars like Gu Hye Sun and Nam Joo Hyuk to Hallyu status too. 

Gu debuted as a model in 2001 and has enjoyed a successful profession in the entertainment industry ever since. What new heights do you think she will achieve with YG Entertainment? Do you believe Hollywood is her next step?

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: 1st Look


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