Han So Young Actress Han So Young revealed her impressive report card from her school days. Recently receiving spotlight proving the new actress’ real age is 18 years old, Han So Young recently showed her report card and stated, “In senior year of high school just before entering college, I gave up on entering medical school because I wanted to become an actress.” When asked about her school grades, Han So Young replied, “I was the top student in my school as well as first place in Gyeongi Province’s full practice exam.” Personnel stated that, “Han So Young always did her best in her studies maintaining all A’s on her report card. What’s more shocking is that she won first place at Gyeonggi Province by studying on her own without attending any academy or receiving tutoring lessons.” “I usually had luxurious actress, senior Jang Mi Hee, in mind as an acting mentor," Han So Young said. "Being able to learn both theory and acting intensively made me decide on Myung Ji University’s Department of Theater of Video instead of college’s love call." In reminiscing her past, changing courses to Theater & Video despite her parents’ opposition, Han So Young shed tears. Seeing this, ‘Singles 2’ members Clara and NS Yoon-G gave the actress a hug and comforted her. Han So Young is currently acting as Ji Soo in MBC QueeN Drama ‘Nail Shop Paris,’ giving an enthusiastic performance. (source: nate news)