Following rumors about sparks flying on the set of Channel A's The Fishermen and the City last year and flirting on social media, a source from Hong Soo Hyun's agency explained her relationship with the 24 year-old rapper.

“Hong Soo Hyun and Microdot met through a variety show. They naturally progressed their friendship while hanging out with friends, and they recently started dating. They’re just getting to know each other," the source confirmed. The Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love actress recently piqued fans' interest when she tagged her new boyfriend on social media for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and he responded with heart emojis, a rose and wrote "Good Night". She answered with a good night message in Korea as well.

The 37 year-old actress has mainly kept her private life out of the public eye over the years, but she's delighted viewers with many productions since her debut in the 1990s. Temptation of an Angel, Lie to Me, History of a Salaryman and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love are just some of her dramas we have loved. Microdot began his music career as a member of All Black in 2006 and transitioned into a solo rapper by 2015.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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