Actress Jenna Wang has admitted to a drinking secret in order to act out her crying scenes in the romance drama, Deja Vu. That is, drinking water, a lot of water, so that she can keep her tears flowing.

Jenna Wang plays Yo Xi, the mean girl, but she has ended up with quite a few sad scenes where she is expected to cry a lot. She says she received a tip from her director to drink lots of water, and it works. She drinks at least 1500 cc, or 1.5 liters. Once she drinks a lot of water, her body has enough liquid to make tears.

The only problem is, as she admits, that the weather has been so cold that when she's on the way home after shooting crying scenes, she needs to get some urgent relief. She says, "I have to look for gas stations to go to the bathroom."

Since Yo Xi has been crying a lot, especially after Xi Wei found out the truth and cancelled their engagement, she must have been keeping the bottled-water delivery man busy on the set. On the other hand, we need not feel so bad for Jenna Wang. In real life, she is a beautiful model with a handsome boyfriend, Xiu Jie Kai, who is a popular actor in romantic dramas himself.

Let's check out how much Lo Xi has been crying in Deja Vu, which has a new episode on DramaFever every Tuesday.