junggaeun On a recent shooting of QTV Shin Dong Yup and Girls Who Rate, actress Jung Ga Eun bluntly admitted, "I always liked getting massages and I think this is one of the necessities for fabulous singles. But sometimes I get a little embarrassed going to the shops alone. And that's when I would call the travel masseuse." In reaction to her controversial comment, fellow celebrities questioned, "Is the masseuse a guy?" A bit hesitant to answer, Jung Ga Eun nodded her head yes, shocking the guests and even the viewers. And when other guests asked her where this masseuse was located, the actress answered, "Travel masseuses travel everywhere." Jung Ga Eun is a South Korean actress who appeared on various television series such as Rollercoaster and Sunday Sunday Night. What are your thoughts on her use of a travel masseuse? (Source: www.nate.com)