Chinese actress Karena Ng co-stars in Lee Min Ho's new movie, Bounty Hunters. She was recently attending Korean Culture Day in Hong Kong and was besieged by reporters who wanted to find out the latest scoop about the Korean star. Since her boyfriend is top actor Raymond Lam, she was also asked about comparing the two handsome men. What did Karena say?

Karena said she will soon travel to Korea to film for 1 to 2 months. She will first go to Jeju Island for 2 weeks. She previously said that she will play a computer expert and will have no fight scenes. To prepare, she has studied basic Korean and downloaded Chinese-Korean translation apps to her smartphone.

She also said her friends and relatives are very excited about her opportunity to film with the Korean superstar and have asked her to get autographs. She feels too shy about it and plans to ask her assistant for help. 

As Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan) will play the female lead and possible romantic interest opposite Lee Min Ho, it's not clear at this time what second female lead Karena will do besides looking gorgeous next to computers.

The 25-year-old beauty was asked to compare her handsome boyfriend Raymond Lam (The Virtuous Queen of Han) and the handsome Lee Min Ho. She diplomatically replied in a funny response: "I don't know how to answer that because I don't want to offend anyone." 

She added that the two men are both charismatic but in different ways. She said she can feel Raymond's serious and mature side by being with him in their daily life, beyond the handsome looks. She said she has watched Lee Min Ho's dramas but didn't think she fell for him. She explained that it's probably because she is used to working with handsome guys for her job. (Aww... Aren't you jealous hearing that?) 

Karena also said she expects to be very busy during the filming for Bounty Hunters and doesn't think Raymond will visit her in Korea.

In the meantime, Bounty Hunters has started filming in Korea, and fans have spotted Lee Min Ho. Stay tuned for more updates.

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