Kim Yoo Mi Actress Kim Yoo Mi revealed that she lost weight for the drama Heartless City. On June 12 press conference held at the Gyeonggi Province Paju Prism Industrial Complex for the show (written by Yoo Sung Yeol and directed by Lee Jung Hyo). Actors Jung Kyung Ho, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Jae Yoon, and Kim Yoo Mi attended the press conference and answered questions. At one point, Kim Yoo Mi stated, “I lost 3kg [about 7 lbs] with detox juice.” The actress went on, “It was my first time losing weight before filming a drama,” and “I heard other actors lost weight for works but I thought, ‘Why do all of that,’ but that’s what I did this time.” She mentioned. “The secret to watching weight is diet control and detox juice.” Kim Yoo Mi revealed her diet plan, “For breakfast I drink detox juice and rice for lunch and I fasted at night. I would eat a banana if I got hungry. With adjusting exercise and food, I lost 2-3kgs instantly.” And, “Nowadays my legs have become elephant legs because of high heels. At times like that I take a half-bath.” Netizens who found out about Kim Yoo Mi’s 3kg weight loss commented, “Kim Yoo Mi lost 3kg, there’s a reason why she was pretty in the drama,” “Kim Yoo Mi loses 3kg, I should drink detox juice too,” and “Kim Yoo Mi loses 3kg, the secret was detox juice.” (source: naver news, international bnt, hankooki)