On Tuesday, colleagues, friends, and family members wished actress Kim Young Ae their last goodbye at Shinchon Severance hospital’s funeral home. At the Christian-style funeral service, the actress’s son Lee Min Woo said, “Mother was relaxed when she closed her eyes for the last time. We appreciate the help and prayers of many.”

Kim Young Ae passed away on Sunday after a five-year struggle with pancreatic cancer. She was 65.

Kim Young Ae was an actress through and through. When she knew she didn’t have much to live, she filmed Laurel Tree Tailors, which ended on Feb. 26.

For the months leading to her death, the actress planned her death. She had a lengthy, extensive interview that examined her 47-year-long career. She prepared the funeral, picking the hanbok to be buried in and taking a portrait photo.

Born in April 21, 1951, Kim Young Ae got her debut in 1971 and quickly rose to stardom. The prolific actress had a varied filmography. She filmed over 170 pieces, including dramas like Hwang Jin Yi and Kill Me, Heal Me, and feature films like The Attorney.

Rest in peace, Kim Young Ae.

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