Lee Eun Sung Ever since singer Seo Tai Ji made a shocking announcement that he will be marrying actress Lee Eun Sung, who is 16 years younger than him, previous wedding pictorials of the soon-bride-to-be have surfaced. Netizens have currently pulled up a wedding magazine along with a wedding pictorial from 2008 featuring Lee Eun Sung, publishing them on various online communities. In this wedding issue, Lee Eun Sung revealed her innocent yet alluring charm wearing a mermaid-line wedding dress. Not only that, it’s been said through a close party that though Seo Tai Ji’s relationship with Lee Eun Sung is private, he revealed he’ll have a wedding ceremony, shaking up the wedding industry. Seo Tai Ji wrote on his homepage Seotaijidotcom with the title, ‘To My Dearest Old Friends…’ and published a lengthy message announcing his wedding plans with Lee Eun Sung saying, among other things, “Eun Sung is a good person who will make me and everyone laugh heartwarmingly. Received blessings and lots of love from both parents and are doing well so instead of worrying, hope you will watch over us warmly.” What do you think of Lee Eun Sung's wedding dress? (Source: Nate News, Wedding 21)