This ordinary looking photo shows the meeting of two celebrities, each with a legendary career. The 59-year-old actress, Liu Xiaoqing, is famous for her long career in China and for recently playing a 16-year old girl in a new drama. So who is that man, and what gift did he give her for their first meeting?

Liu Xiaoqing was given a lie detector app from Dr. Henry Lee, the famous Chinese-born American forensic expert who was once the youngest police chief in Taiwan.

After Ms. Liu retired in the early 1990s at the summit of her cinematic career, she started a successful business that made her a billionaire and the 45th richest person in China. But in 2002 she was arrested and then imprisoned for more than a year for tax evasion charges. She resurrected her acting career after regaining her freedom. So when Dr. Lee, the world renowned forensic scientist who has had his own show on true crime cases, gave her the gift of a lie detector app, it was received with fun and some poignancy. She joked that the lie detector was supposed to be able to tell anyone's secrets.

Ms. Liu is called a 'frozen beauty' in China for her everlasting beauty. She said that she's never had any plastic surgery. Will the lie detector tell us whether Ms. Liu had any help in keeping her looks?

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