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It is very rare for any female celebrities in South Korea -- actress, singer, Miss Korea, anchor etc -- to not have had any form of surgical alteration to their face. This trend is increasing even among male celebrities. Actress Shin Yi recently appeared at the press preview of the new movie Holly with her new face. Shin Yi’s known for her acting and she even won an award with her role in What Happened In Bali. However, despite her strong acting background, the roles she's been given have been very limited -- mostly playing comical and rough characters.

I personally don’t think Shin Yi looks better after her surgery -- she just looks like someone who went through mega-surgery. The movie/drama industries should not limit romantic roles only to those the producers find pretty: this only reinforces the limited standard of beauty that’s already pressuring women to go under the knife. Maybe it’s time to let go of our prejudices and be more open about beauty. Shin Yi as we used to know: shinyi3 shinyi2