Starting a new diet or weight loss program is often one of the top new year's resolutions. Here's an easy way to lose weight, according to Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu who lost 10 kg (that's 22 pounds!) last year.

All it requires is that you don't eat dinner. Tiffany hasn't eaten dinner for 2 years now. It's hard to imagine why the beautiful Tiffany Hsu wants to lose weight. Perhaps it's the requirement of the acting and entertainment profession, but for whatever reason, she is determined to stick to her diet plan: Not eating dinner!

She hasn't eaten dinner for two years, and she's lost 22 pounds without doing anything special during the last year. She says, "My friends know how determined I am. If they invite me to dinner, I simply watch them eat." Tiffany obviously has strong willpower, as most of us can't resist a good meal. And her figure is looking very slim and pretty.

Ironically, she says her favorite hobby is making desserts. She loves making pudding and tiramisu, but she never eats them. (Is she giving them to her friends to make them gain weight?) Recently she received a gift box of macarons, a handmade French confection made by a famous Taiwanese dessert chef. She couldn't resist and finally took a bit out of each of the colorful macarons.

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Tiffany is described by her friends as controlling. She's able to exercise control in her diet, and she is also determined to control her own future as she recently started her own studio. For stress relief, she paints Chinese brush paintings and plans to have an exhibit of her paintings someday.

For 2014, her goal is to finish two movies and one TV drama. She plans to visit New York City this summer to study cinema as a gift to herself for her 30th birthday.

DramaFever fans can see Tiffany Hsu in the lead role of Love Me or Leave Me, and in supporting roles in It Started With A Kiss and Autumn's Concerto. Will some lucky NYC residents run into her this summer?