aeng aeng2 Uhm Aeng Ran is a South Korean actress who is kind of like the Kim Tae Hee of the 60s. As the top actress of her time, she married the top actor at the time, Shin Sung Il. Even though the two were a power couple, their marriage was tumultuous due to her husband’s frequent affairs and disappearances, which caused her much stress her whole life. When she heard from others that her husband was seen dating a woman in Paris, she became extremely distressed. However, she always wanted to keep the family together. We assume that’s why she didn’t dare to divorce him. (She also added that her husband never helped her with house chores!) Uhm Aeng Ran confessed that unable to handle the stress from her marriage, she sometimes left the house with her three kids just to escape and relieve her stress. She warned other housewives that it is very important to express yourself and find ways to lessen your anxiety. Based on these reports, Shin Sung Il doesn’t sound like a nice husband. Do you think it was the right choice for Uhm Aeng Ran to keep the family together even though she was miserable for most of her life? (Source: