Chinese actress Wan Qian must be good at keeping secrets. When the Game of Hunting actress recently posted about the birth of her baby, fans thought it was fake news! Here's what happened:

Usually it's the male actors or idol singers who drape their relationships in secrecy to protect their fandom, but we finally have a case where an actress has kept her marriage a secret.

It turns out that the 35-year-old actress married a non-celebrity and there was no official announcement to the public. The last news that fans had heard about her life was when she and her younger leading man, Joseph Chang, dated after they co-starred in The Laundryman movie. Their reel-to-real romance did not last even a year and they broke up in 2015.

When she posted this short clip to her Weibo social-media account, fans couldn't believe it. They didn't know she was married or even pregnant. Some fans even though it was fake news!

But we're happy to know that the news is real, and that Wan Qian gave birth on November 9 to her first baby, a beautiful daughter.

The clip shows a baby with lovely long eyelashes. Wang Qian posted, "It's a wrap, a girl!"

According to the news, the clip was filmed by Wan Qian's husband, who is an advertising photographer. The couple had known each other a long time before they got married.

Interestingly, in the new intrigue drama Game of Hunting, Wan Qian plays a beautiful but mysterious woman who seeks to unveil a secret about leading star Hu Ge's character. Do you know what it is? (HINT: check episode 6!)


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Congratulations to Wan Qian and her family!

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