A Taiwanese actress wore such powerfully waterproof false eyelashes for a shower scene that it looked like water was spouting from the eyelashes themselves. The funny scene went viral, so much so that the actress Lene Lai came out to explain what happened to the very curious media.

The show was a Taiwanese drama series called After Aura. In a very emotional scene, Lene went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, presumably to cool off after a heated argument. As she turned toward her lover, the audience could see two water streams spouting from the sides of her thick eyelashes.

Once someone posted the bizarre scene online, it went viral in Taiwan and China and even got reported by international news. Lene Lai was a good sport about it and explained what happened.

"We were out of the original eyelashes and switched to a new set. We had multiple scenes to film in the same day, so it wasn't possible to change eyelashes just for that scene. I had no idea that these eyelashes were so strong and waterproof, and the scene caught so much interest on the internet and got widely reported. We were so into the scene that no one, including the director, cinematographer, makeup artist and myself, discovered the situation. After it was reported in the news, I finally saw the scene and thought it was funny too."

Here's the video containing the funny scene as well as Lene explaining what happened to a throng of reporters.

If the beautiful and poised Lene Lai looks familiar to you, that's because she is currently co-starring with Puff Guo as competing chefs in cuisine and love in the on-air romance comedy series on DramaFever, Love Myself Or You. Lene previously appeared in supportive roles in these DramaFever shows: Substitute Princess and My Queen.