An ad campaign called "A Woman's Worth" has been in the buzz. The ads are produced by the collaboration between Hamburg-based feminist organization Terre des Femmes and the Miami Ad School Europe. While the powerful ads remind people that women are often judged by what they wear, it has been pointed out that the posters look very similar to a 2013 project.

Here are the Terre Des Femmes posters designed by student Theresa Wlokka of Miami Ad School in Germany. They show how women are often critically judged by how much is revealed under her neckline, how short or long her skirt is, and even the height of her heels.

It's also been reported that there is a striking similarity to Pomona Lake's 2013 project, "Judgements." Here's a comparison showing 2 images side by side. On the left is Pomona Lakes work, and on the right is Theresa Wlokka's poster for Terre des Femmes. 

According to Huffington Post, Lake reached out to the Miami Ad School after friends told her about a possible plagiarism. Wokka told Lake that she had never seen Lake's works before and that the new poster series was her original idea. Lake said that if she had been reached out for permission and credited for the idea, she would have said yes.

While it's unfortunate that the campaign may not be based on an original concept, the message remains valid--that women should not be judged by their appearance and what they wear. 

What do you think about the Terre des Femmes campaign? How do you feel about the descriptions listed on the posters?

~ NancyZdramaland

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