Ji Sung began his acting career in the 1999 SBS youth series KAIST, and he's been unstoppable ever since. If you are seeing him for the very first time as the quirky husband in Wife I Know, you're off to a great start! The 41 year-old star only needs one production to convert anyone into his fandom. The list below are just five of his addictive dramas that will make you add him to your favorite group of oppas.

1. Wife I Know

Have you ever fantasized about trading lives with someone else? If life truly is greener on the other side, one man is destined to find out after he magically wakes up with a new wife and completely new lifestyle. Financial trouble and heated disagreements are a thing of the past! You can watch new episodes of this fantasy romance every week on DramaFever.

2. The Entertainer

Guiding the careers of rookie singers under the title of band manager is a former hotshot director's imminiet future. Following an elite tenure at one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea, Suk Ho (Ji Sung) has a wake up call as he becomes CEO of a very small agency. He learns the value of hard work and the talented people around him.


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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3. Kill Me, Heal Me

Seven unique personalities threaten to ruin one man's life, so he enlists the help of a medical intern to cure him of his dissociative identity disorder. The medical intern starts falling for her patient, while her twin brother complicates things even more. Ji Sung wowed us in this production with his flawless performance of several characters in one K-drama.


Kill Me, Heal Me

Starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

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4. Protect the Boss

Immaturity is the best way to describe one director at DN Group, and it's up to a rookie employee to serve him while keeping him in check. This sassy girl also has to protect her own heart as she gets caught up in a love triangle with him and his picture-perfect cousin.


Protect the Boss

Starring Choi Kang Hee and Ji Sung

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5. Swallow the Sun

Surviving in the real world without any direction, an orphan named Kim Jung Woo (Ji Sung) grows up to be a thug. The whole world begins to open up for him one day, after he saves a rich man's life. Through that chance encounter, he reunites with his first love and the father he never knew. Ji Sung starring in a melodrama meets thriller is more than enough reason to watch!

Which Ji Sung Korean drama turned you into a fan?

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