The Japanese convenience store chain, FamilyMart may have just won the award for the cutest experiment ever. In some of their stores in Taiwan, the shop let some kids be the managers for a day and what follows could not be cuter. Kids 3-10 are trained to be a FamilyMart manager for 60-minute intervals for the experiment, called the "Little Store Manager Experience Camp."

The kids first learn how to read barcodes, keep the store clean, and greet customers, and then they are put to work. The kid mangers were greeted with different customers and to make things even more adorable, a giant Panda even shows up. At one point a customer asks the kid managers if she can buy bread even though she doesn't have any money and the little girl responds, "It’s okay, I’ll lend you some!”

In just a little over one week of being online, one video of the experiment has over two million hits on YouTube. Check it out!