This is the best! Maru, the cutest and funniest cat on the Internet just got an adopted kitten sister, Hana, and they love playing together. Videos of Maru, the Scottish Fold cat who lives in Japan, have been viewed over 200 million times on YouTube.

Last month, Maru's owner brought in a Hana, a cute surprise for the cuddly silly cat and here are some great pics of them hanging out. The owner also posted a hilarious video of the two playing, and it couldn't be any cuter!

Hey Hana's in Maru's box!

Hana getting some great air time as she tries to get her new friend.

They're racing to get a fake cow! Looks like Hana is winning.

Looks like Maru is doing a keg stand and and Hana wants in.

Kitty showdown over a bathtub. Looks like no one is getting in.

Hana is leading the pack!

Hey Maru, you gotta make some room for Hana man!

Hana is either giving Maru a bath or biting him. Either way it's the best!

Maru is in attack position just in case.

These two are ready for dinner. Maru looks a little suspicious of the whole thing.

They are about to........

Kiss! They're good buddies!