This had better be the cutest thing you've seen today, otherwise you've been hanging out with too much cute stuff. The Ichikawa Zoological & Botanical Garden in Japan has just introduced a new, brilliant, and, of course, cute way to interact with otters.

The new zoo feature is called the "handshake corner" and features an extended tube through which otters can reach out and touch humans with their tiny adorable hands. It's a really safe way for humans and otters to interact and the best way for both to get to know each other.

This isn't the first time that a zoo in Japan has had an otter handshake exhibit, and we are certainly hoping it's not the last. Just make sure that when you shake the otter's hand you ask them how their day was, otherwise you're just being rude.

The special handshake, plus bonus footage of a baby otter:

Here the otters enjoy some snacks!

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