Every animal does its far share of begging, but this cute dog takes asking for something to a whole new level. A new video posted by a Japanese woman shows a Shiba Inu hilariously begging to have fun with the new kitten in the house, Milky. All she wants to do is play!

In the video, Ichigo, the Shiba Inu, first comes up to inspect the adorable kitten, then takes a couple steps back and stands on two legs frantically waving her paws in the air. It's hard to tell exactly what the dog wants. It may be saying, "Hey, come on out and play," or, "Hey, why do you get to have your own apartment?" The way the dog is waving her paws also looks like she could be trying to conduct the cat into a really interesting kitty symphony. Either way, it's hard to watch this video without laughing, it's pretty great!

Milky the cat, just sitting on what looks like a kitty diving board.

Two friends in a stare down.

Ichigo is saying in dog, "Milky, I'm begging you. Can we please go skiing together?"

"Seriously I have so much hot chocolate for everyone."

"Do you like skiing?"