Adults may be able to do a lot of things kids aren't allowed to do, but kids can do some things adults aren't allowed to do, either. Some kids in Japan are the envy of adults this summer as they have the time of their lives at what has to be one of the coolest aquariums on Earth.

The Sketch Aquarium is a project by Team Lab, a creative ultra technologist group, and it makes you wish you could be a kid again. This project lets children draw and color in their own fish or whatever other sea creature they want, and then they laser scan them and release the fish into their virtual aquarium, where the drawings come to life in the water. All the different types of sea creatures created by the kids give the aquarium a colorful and happy, bouncy kind of vibe, and the kids get to have the greatest time in the world.

This project has been on the road for a while now, and this fall it's the kids in Tokyo who get to play. The Sketch Aquarium is open until September 24 at Shinjuku's Isetan Department Store. After that, the aquarium heads to Osaka. Admission is 540 yen, a little over five dollars.

A lot of kids are having fun in Tokyo right about now.

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