Actor Song Il Kuk and his adorable The Return of Superman triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook and Man Se, have been chosen as the new faces of Minute Maid, the brand name that is almost synonymous with orange juice. Here are advance photos from their new TV commercial, and Song Il Kuk also revealed his secret to keeping his active and boisterous kids focused when filming a commercial.

Song Il Kuk's adorable triplets are extremely popular with commercials such as the one where they played in a rock band, and the rambunctious kids are also perfect for Minute Maid orange juice to tout its healthy benefits. The new Minute Maid TV commercial starring our cutest stars is set to be released during mid-May.

It was noted during the commercial shoot that Song Il Kuk managed his 3 active children with a successful "10 second method." Whenever their concentration seemed to waver just like what 3-year old kids would often do, he would let them do whatever they wanted for ten seconds. His “10 second method” apparently works to let the children get their playtime and helps them focus when they need to.

The adorable kids who star with their dad on the fun reality show The Return of Superman also recently donated 100 million won (about US$92,000) to help children in Nepal and Korea in honor of Children’s Day.

See the Song triplets in the most recent episode of Return of Superman:

~ NancyZdramaland

Photos: Song Il Kuk