beenzino3 South Korean hip-hop artist Beenzino (Lim Sung Bin) garnered much attention when his dating advice for a fan went viral. A fan of Beenzino asked, "How do I get a boyfriend?" to which Beenzino wittily tweeted back, "Get off Twitter and text the person you like right now." The female fan then asks, "How do I start the conversation?" to which he answered, "Ask if he likes persimmon." As the conversation continued, it went a little something like this: Fan: "What if he texts back saying that he doesn't like dried Persimmons?" Beenzino: "I don't like it either and on that note, do you want to go eat something yummy?" Fan: "And if he says that he likes dried persimmon, am I supposed to ask him to go on a day trip to Sangjoo to pick dried persimmons?" And lo and behold, the creation of the "persimmon proposal" phenomenon. After this rather entertaining conversation, another fan tweeted Beenzino, telling him that the persimmon proposal actually worked! She followed the same format of the proposal and it appears as though the guy agreed to eating something much more delicious than dried persimmons. Meanwhile, netizens who came across this experimental proposing method, tweeted their favorite celebrities asking if they like 'dried persimmons' in attempts of snatching a date with them. INFINITE's Hoya answered back to a fan saying that he actually really likes dried persimmons. And on the other hand, Jay Park initiated the conversation with his fans with "Do you want to go eat dried persimmons?" via Twitter.   beenzino   Do you think this is an effective way of asking out your crush? Try it to your crush and let us know if this method worked for you! (Source: &