In the romance comedy drama, Go, Single Lady, Taiwanese idol Mike He played a down-on-the-luck heir who was hired to coach Ady An in high-society manners. Despite strong chemistry on screen, both stars were fated to marry someone else. We just reported on Ady's fabulous wedding in Hawaii. Now, find out how fans learned the shocking news that Mike He is already married and has a baby! 

When Ady An first announced her wedding plans, she revealed that she started dating her husband-to-be, a Chinese tycoon based in Macau, in 2014, which was also the year when Go, Single Lady was released. 

As for Mike, he was already dating a non-celebrity in a committed relationship. Apparently, the popular singer-actor had a first love back when he was in middle school, about 13 years ago. Over the years, they dated and separated. Finally, they resumed dating for five years and settled down. Their baby was born four months ago in Guam.

And no one knew until Mike posted a simple message on his FB!

In his message, Mike says they just got married despite the rainstorm that day. He won't say much about his wife because she is a non-celebrity. He feels satisfied when watching his healthy baby daughter as he moves forward to a new stage in life. He also asks for blessings from everyone for his family.

He also posted a photo of the baby girl wearing a onesie that said "May Dad is Super Handsome."

Isn't the baby cute?

Mike posted the announcement on June 3, just two days before Ady An's opulent wedding in Hawaii. By contrast, Mike He's wedding was a simple affair by registration at the government's office.

Big wedding or not, ultimately what counts is enduring love and happiness!

Best wishes to Mike He and his family! 

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(Wedding photo from Go, Single Lady)


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