The basic geographic map of the world that most children are taught in school is drastically off, according to a redrawn to scale map of Africa. The new map shows that for years the depiction of the African continent has been severely smaller than reality, so much so that in a to scale drawing China, India, the United States, Japan, and most of Europe can actually fit within it. Check out the incredible map!

The cartographer drew the map based on square kilometers with Africa totally 30,221 square km. To put things in perspective, the countries of China, the United States, Mexico, India, Peru, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Germany, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Greece have 30,102 square km combined.

The map is really remarkable and definitely makes you view the world differently. The below graphics also show what several countries would look like if they were placed in Africa based on their size.

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