What will be the story of Jewel in the Palace 2? MBC is preparing to air Jewel in the Palace 2 in October 2014. Korean actress Lee Young Ae is in the talks to reprise her role in the series, much to the delight of fans.

According to Lee Young Ae’s official statements, Lee Young Ae recently met with Jewel in the Palace writer Kim Young Hyun and director Lee Byung Hoon. The group had in-depth discussions regarding of the upcoming series' synopsis, and it is said that Lee Young Ae is quite pleased with it.

The official statement declared, “Lee Young Ae received the synopsis and has taken a close look at it. She was quite satisfied with the character that she will play in the drama. The guaranteed casting specifics have not been discussed yet, but she will confirm positively once everything is set.” As a devoted mother to twins, Lee Young Ae has stated that she sympathizes with the role of Jang Geum as a mother and a teacher, adding that the drama will be a good story watchable by children too.

If she stars in the drama, she will take the motherly role of Jang Geum, who is the main character. An actress whose role is the daughter of Lee Young Ae will have a good amount of parts as well. Because Lee Young Ae asked the writers to take care of her juniors, the proportion is close with 6 to 4. Lee Young Ae has mentioned that she wishes to foster the younger generation, and would like to see juniors who can take over as the second and third Jang Geums in the future. The upcoming series will be her first comeback to TV drama in 10 years.

It has since been 10 years since the original Jewel in the Palace, as the drama aired in 2004. The sequel is going to be written by the original writer Kim Young Hyun, as well as Kim Young Hyun, and Park Sang Hyun, who co-wrote H.I.T., Queen Seon Duk, and Tree With Deep Roots. The writer, Kim Young Hyun was originally stated to write Unprecedented but production of the drama was postponed indefinitely for the production of Jewel in the Palace 2.

The drama is planned to span 36 episodes. The plot will follow the original story of Jang Geum, who lived a life of extreme ups and downs as the general manager of a royal kitchen and the king’s supreme royal physician. The main character, Jang Geum, becomes a mother and a teacher who raises her daughter alone.

MBC official says that the sequel involves Jang Geum going to China to find her daughter, and then overcoming obstacles with her cooking ability and medical skills, though nothing has been confirmed yet. The framework of the series will have the same message as the original series, about a woman who overcomes tough ordeals with her indomitable will.

If the project goes as planned, the shooting will start in China sometime in July. As a MBS Mon/Tues special project drama, Jewel in the Palace 2 plans to air in October after Empress Ki.

As the news of Jewel in the Palace 2 travels, many Chinese-speaking counties have been calling. According to broadcasting officials, big Chinese companies like Baidu, HSBS Fund and Alibaba sounded out their intentions to invest $30~$35 billion to the drama. Officials at MBC say that they are considering working with Chinese production crews because many parts of the drama will film in China. However, they think that it is more important to make the drama well by their own ability first.

(Via Star News, Munhwa, TVREPORT)