Taiwanese pop superstar Jay Chou surprised worldwide fans when he married girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan in a secret romantic wedding this last January. Now his wife has given birth to a baby girl in another piece of surprise news. It just proves that Jay Chou is a master at keeping secrets. A big secret is when the couple was REALLY married!

First of all, congratulations to Jay Chou and Hannah for welcoming their new baby girl.

Until a few days before the baby arrived, Hannah was still looking quite slender except for her baby bump. When Jay Chou was interviewed, he hinted the baby was going to be a boy by saying he was going to buy black-colored clothing and stroller for "Little Chou Chou." He might even name the baby "Jay Junior." Hannah's mother also said Hannah's belly was "sharply shaped," a sign for it bearing a baby boy.

When the baby news was announced on July 12, it turned out that the baby was a girl and she was born on July 10 via cesarean section. What a surprise!

When the couple announced the pregnancy news in April, many people suspected that Hannah was already pregnant when she got married in their romantic wedding held in the historic Selby Abbey. However, there's another surprising secret that Jay Chou hid really well.

It turned out that he officially married Hannah on July 5, 2014 via marriage registration in Taiwan. During the months before their romantic British wedding, Taiwanese entertainment news was busy in speculating how Hannah was spotted living with Jay Chou. Now we know they were already legally married. The baby was conceived after they got married and was born a few days after their official one-year anniversary.

Jay Chou is truly a master at keeping secrets.

Another secret the happy couple is keeping for now is the baby's photo. Reportedly they have not decided when to release photos of the newborn. Meanwhile, 36-year-old Jay Chou is taking time off to help care for the baby, and 21-year-old Hannah is resting at a post-birth care facility. 

Congratulations to Jay, Hannah, and their new baby girl.

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