Park Jimin traded her raven hair for blond locks and returned to the K-Pop music scene with her uplifting "Try" single. Park's music video for the OST worthy track was uploaded on JYP Entertainment's Official YouTube channel yesterday. In the video, the stunning 19 year-old idol sings effortlessly about not letting obstacles or others opinions of you get you down. Her positive single reassures listeners they are not alone in their daily struggles. 

Watch the blonde beauty become the beckon of light for K-Pop fans in the video below:

The After School Club host's single "Fly" is a part of her second solo album 19 to 20. The album was released on iTunes yesterday. I think the 15& member's newest song is delightful! Following her soulful "Hopeless Love" track last year, "Try" really speaks to each listener and puts a smile on your face. I would absolutely love for her song to be included in an upcoming romantic comedy or action K-drama. Let's Drink or K2 would be the perfect shows! 

What type of K-drama would you love to hear her single be a part of?

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Image Credit: Park Jimin's Instagram


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