It's going to be a great year for After School—at least if their label has anything to say about it. Sub-unit Orange Caramel has proven mildly successful, but the original After School hasn't put out anything in over six months. Y'all remember "Flashback," back in June?  Jason Jejoon Park, the managing director of After School’s label, PLEDIS Entertainment, is very confident about the girls' future success. In a recent tweet, Park wrote: “After monitoring the mastering of After School’s best album yet, I’m getting emotional T.T.”  Texu, the hitmaker behind "Flashback," is rumored to be producing the new album, but what that album will consist of and when it will be released remains unknown. Fan blogs have mentioned a March release, but fan blogs, by nature, aren't the most reliable. However, with Orange Caramel scheduled to release their first Japanese album that month, it seems unlikely that the group would try and compete with itself. So, let's begin the betting pool, with our money on early April.

Are you anticipating new music from After School?