A driver in Taiwan was going along when he felt something touching his foot making it itch. When he finally looked down, he stared right into the eyes of a snake.

We've seen enough scary films to know to check the back seat before getting into the car, but what about the pedal area, you know, down under your feet?

While 20-year old Chen was driving, his right foot was feeling itchy and something seemed to be touching his foot from time to time. He finally had the chance to look down, and lo and behold, he was making good eye contact with a snake. The snake was curled up right beside his foot.

He was still driving and immediately drove to a nearby fire station for help.

Luckily, the snake was not poisonous. It is speculated that the snake was looking for some cooler air because the weather has been hot and humid.

As far as we know, Mr. Chen is still driving.