Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo play the same age in My ID is Gangnam Beauty, but what is the difference in their ages in real life?

During a recent episode of JBTC's Knowing Brothers, Im Soo Hyang happily introduced the ASTRO member as her pretend beau. "This is my boyfriend. We both star as 20 year-old same-aged friends born in 1999," she said. In reality, she is 28, and he is 21.

Im Soo Hyang encouraged people to watch this weekend to see "Cha Eun Woo's face". When it came to her own youthful appearance, the pretty actress admitted that she was self-conscious. "I prepared in my own way. I used strength to do anti-aging for my body and mind. I got lifting done at the dermatologist, and I think meditation is good too."

Even though the idol is younger, Im Soo Hyang doesn't have anything to worry about. She's still very young, and the two look adorable together. We can't wait to start shipping this pair. My ID is Gangnam Beauty premieres this Friday, July 27. While we wait, let's take her advice and swoon over 10 handsome screencaps of her leading man in action.

Which star do you have the biggest crush on?

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