Ahn Jae Hyun gets the best advice from his wife!

Today, the 29 year-old actor was beaming with joy at the press conference for his upcoming TvN drama Cinderella and Four Knights. Not only was he proud of his first comeback K-drama, but he couldn't stop gushing about how supportive his wife Gu Hye Sun is about his new role. Ahn also compared this romantic comedy to his wife's 2009 hit series Boys Over Flowers.

“It feels a little bit like Boys Over Flowers. The relationships between the characters are similar, and it’s about all the men around the female protagonist. [Because of the similarities,] I spoke with [Gu Hye Sun] a lot about what my position should be in the drama. For example, if Jung Il Woo is an aloof character that is silently always there for the female lead, then we talked a lot about how I would need to portray my character.”

No matter what, Ahn's marriage is still his number one priority in life. “I did the drama after doing what I wanted most in life: get married. She was of course very supportive, but more than that, I was able to act comfortably. I am so thankful to Gu Hye Sun.”

He is surpasses all the husband goals! Fans should be excited to see his new and improved acting! Of course, he acting was already on point, but it never had that special Gu Hye Sun touch. He might literally turn into one of the F4 members in front of our very eyes! Look forward to seeing him join his co-stars Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam, Lee Jung Shin and Choi Min Sung in one of the biggest fairytale series of the fall. Cinderella and Four Knights premieres on Friday, August 12.

Are you excited to see the chemistry between Park So Dam and her knights?

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