Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun are going to take their time expanding their loving home. 

On today's episode of tvN's travel-reality program, Journey to the West 2, Ahn discussed his new family life. The My Love From Another Star actor revealed that his desire was never to become a popular celebrity but to become a great dad and family man.

He realized he needed a great job to achieve the lifestyle he desired. "I think you only need to make enough money to help out the people you love. Hye Sun feels the same."

When the topic of children came up, the 28 year-old star had this to say, "My opinion has changed. I wanted to be a great dad, but now I want to be a great husband too. I want Hye Sun and me to have fun together - just the two of us. Even if we do have a baby, I think I'll say, 'I love you, wife,' before I say, 'I love our baby.' Does everyone change though? I'm really happy. I can't express how I feel in words."

The Blood co-stars wed in a private ceremony on May 21. It looks like it will be a while before we get to see their precious little ones running around filming sets! However, I think it's best to wait until you are ready to have children so you can shower them with the love and affection they deserve. Their children will have two of the best parents in South Korea!

What do you think about their decision to wait to have children? 

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