aircity_wpFor our high-school teenage audience, it was Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers that turned you into drama addicts. For our slightly older crowd it was Rain in Full House. For the Japanese middle-aged ladies, it definitely was Bae Yong Joon in Winter Sonata. For us, it was Lee Jung Jae in Sandglass (now that's old school!). It is with great pleasure that today we release Air City, starring Lee Jung Jae (playing Kim Ji Sung) alongside gorgeous Choi Ji Woo (playing Han Do Kyung).

The story line revolves around the security operations of Korea's Incheon International Airport, with smugglers, criminals and other related scum trying to get in and out of the country. Ji Sung is in charge of national security and his character portrays that penetrating intensity that Korean men are know for, that sometimes gets lost when watching boy bands like SJ on youtube. He is passionate and reacts on gut instinct, both at his job and at love. Do Kyung's character also displays features that I wish more main actresses would embody - a self assured leader, she speaks five language (hola mi amor...), and oversees the operations at Incheon. Of course, she has a troublesome past which gives her personality a deep and complex character. Why are broken people so much more attractive?

Enter handsome Lee Jin Wook (playing Kang Ha Joon) and Moon Jung Hee (Seo Myung Woo) and you have an assortment of current and past lovers mixing and matching. It turns out there is zero tolerance for breaking the law in the airport but in love there are no rules.

Hope you enjoy it and, as always, thanks for your continued support! Watch Air City now!

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