All those in favor of making Incheon Airport a permanent residence say kimchi! Today we're setting our sights on Amber, the awesome rapper of K-pop girl group F(x). Amber is known for her cool Tomboy style, always wearing clothing that both the fangirls and boys can pull off. Let's get comfortable and check out a few of Ambers style choices.


I really love this outfit. Amber looks so cute, and it really is an outfit a girl and a guy could wear. I like how she broke the black and white up by wearing royal blue jeans. I really want to recreate this outfit.

Amber 2

The hair, the cap, the white book bag -- ugh I love this! It's so simple but Amber just makes it look so stylish. Oh yeah! I also noticed she really has a thing for backpacks!

Amber 3

Am I the only one who is noticing that Amber dresses really simple? What makes her look cool is the one or two really cool accessories she adds. In this case the glasses that go perfectly with her sneakers. That jacket is really cool, too.

Amber 4

Hi Luna! She's the girl next to Amber. This shirt is reminding me of the Waldo restaurant in Nail Shop Paris. I like it but I don't like it because of the "Where's Waldo" reminder. My favorite thing about this is outfit is the precious plush puppy hanging from her bag!

Amber 5

Exactly how I want to dress on an airplane. It's like she built her own little cave with the hoodie, hat, and sunglasses.

Amber 6

I swear I used to have a pair of pants just like these! Regardless, I like the pants and the silver suitcase which matches her gray backpack, and plays wonderfully off the white of her shirt. KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE