I think we're gonna need lots of candy for this viewing! The sweet stuff should give us a major sugar rush and keep us alive while gawking at Lee Min Ho's stroll through the airport! Seriously, he just looks like a model no matter what he's doing or wearing; it's totally crazy how handsome he is! So grab your usual seat here at Incheon Airport and let's start staring!

Lee Min Ho 13

Ugh he had such good hair here! I really want my own bangs/fringe just like his. I remember these airport photos specifically because this was during City Hunter, and everyone thought these photos were a scene from the drama but they weren't! This is just how he looked walking through the airport!

Lee Min Ho4

Look at how that sweater hugs his torso.

Lee Min Ho3

His Jaw line and collar bone are just everything in this photo.

Lee Min Ho2

He must have felt a chill, HA!

Lee Min Ho1

Ugh this is why every guy should own at least one or two nice blazers, and a pair of business casual style shoes. Those items do wonders for a guy. Lee Min Ho looks so classy!

Lee Min Ho 5

His legs go on for days and those denim skinny jeans look so good on him. Also gray is really a nice color on him, and I've noticed he pretty much sticks with a black, gray, and white color palette.

Lee Min Ho11

Look at that model pose and he's not even trying!

Lee Min Ho 12

It's totally sick how he has the power to make even a hoodie look amazing! I would really wear this outfit too! The hoodie, the black top, and pants; the white sneakers are just so simple, but it all looks so nice together.

Lee Min ho10

Oh hello there perfect facial structure for sunglasses person. ^_^ I wonder if he has a sunglass endorsement? If he doesn't he really should get one soon! Lee Min Ho8

When I look at him in this jacket I immediately  think of when Jung Il Woo wore a similar one as Cha Chi Soo in Flower Boy Ramen Shop. Point is they both look really hot in this style of jacket.

Lee Min Ho6

Umm I believe winter should hurry up and come back because these coats were made for Lee Min Ho's body. He looks stunning and beyond fierce and fabulous!

Lee Min Ho9

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE