Lee Taemin of K-pop Idol group SHINee, is like visual candy. You never know what his hair or outfit will look like next. He is the definition of a K-pop chameleon. Sometimes you love what he's wearing, other times you can't help but side-eye him and think "maybe, no." Hit or miss, his fashion style is always interesting and his face is always beautiful. Speaking of his face, DF besties who aren't totally into K-pop, do you recognize Taeminnie?! I bet you do since he recently made a guest appearance in episodes 3 and 4 of Dating Agency: Cyrano! So take your seat and get your scroll on! Taemin is already judging!

taemin 2

Taemin will always be perfection with long hair. You don't see it under that beanie, but it's there and it looks luxurious. He has the looks of an exotic lion.


Forever with a look of disbelief and confusion, he is a beautiful puppet looking boy here. Hi Jonghyun! Hi Key!


Forever jealous of his legs. He wears skinny jeans so well *sigh* A look any guy or girl could pull off with ease. Hi Onew! Hi Key!


I love when he wears his hoodies and sunnies. He always looks like he's cutting class or something. Jonghyun hiding behind his phone in the back (-_-)



Those would be capri pants right? Ha!


I spy with my little eye a Michael Jackson BAD tee! Moonwalk on through that airport Taemin!


This is such a Jaejoong look. However if this were JJ believe that his V neck tee would be much lower showing off his chest.


He looks so freakin cozy and warm! Where is winter so I too can wear a coat with massive fur trim and drown in a scarf!


Taemin looks like he just spent 10 minutes in an ice box while Jonghyun looks totally out of it HA!


KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE