Yoo Ah In

I'll get the popcorn, you bring the candy, because its another fabulous trip to the airport! This week we're watching Yoo Ah In, who is currently starring in Jang Ok Jung:Live in Love strut his stuff in his totally chic and cool homeless-looking attire. Now he's not literally homeless, but it's just like super cool street fashion. Following me here? Whatever, the point is if Yoo Ah In really was homeless and wearing real homeless attire, I'd take him home, clean him up, and keep him, forever (-_-). This may seem weird but I'm glad he's not actually wearing his Beats headphones. I want his black vest though for um next Fall since now it's too warm.

Yoo Ah In Airport 2

Yoo Ah In with a lollipop. Enough Said! Wait no, look at that jaw line!

Yoo Ah In Airport1

This is what I meant with Homeless Chic street fashion: the beanie with no top so his hair can stick out making him super cool and fashionable. He has pretty fingers right? o_0Yoo Ah In Airport3 Yoo Ah In Airport4 Yoo Ah In Airport5

Apparently black and gray is his favorite color combination and he does it so well. Skulls on the scarf, flowing trench, wedged sneakers similar to my own and pop of color with a royal blue bag.Yoo Ah In Airport6