On November 27, AKIBAPOP: DOJO, a culture school for subculture enthusiasts, held its first day of classes and meetings in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, paving the way for those who wish to learn, teach, connect, and collaborate with other otakus (anime, manga, and gaming fans) and aspiring creators from all over Japan. 

Long known as the retail center of Japanese cutting-edge technology, with one city block after another lined with enormous ten-storied electronics-only stores, the Akihabara district in Tokyo has, in recent years, also become famous for it's association with otaku culture, most notably cosplay, manga, anime, and video games. On weekends, the streets of Akihabara get packed with tech, otaku and subculture geeks, all there to soak up the unique energy of this ultra-modern shopping and entertainment district. A few days ago, the AKIBAPOP: DOJO officially opened its doors, where a pay-as-you-go system allows anybody interested in Akihabara's subculture to participate in classes of various themes, either as a teacher or student, take tours of Akihabara with professional cosplaying tour guides, or meet like-minded individuals to possibly collaborate on creating original manga or animation.

This culture school is aptly called AKIBAPOP: DOJO because like dojos (places where martial arts are practiced), anybody is welcome, with no entrance exams or some long process just to get in. The curricula are divided into two categories, Lessons and Community, with Lessons focused on such subjects as How to Create an Original Anime and How to Get the Cutest Hostess to Sit Next to You at a Hostess Club, while the Community provides courses like Let's Make a Novel Game Together and Akihabara Tour with Professional Tour Guide.  Sounds like the perfect place to meet like-minded individuals, which is always a positive experience. And depending on what you're into, finding fellow otakus, I've been told, is somewhat hard to do.

The AKIBAPOP: DOJO website, https://akibap.com, has class schedules and price listings, with classes and meetings starting at 1500 yen, or about 12 dollars. If you're ever planning on making a trip to Tokyo, now you know where to go to get some legitimate otaku schooling.


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