Clazziquai’s Alex (36) and Rainbow’s Jo Hyun Young (24) are in love. Alex and Jo Hyun Young’s agencies confirmed today that they are in a relationship.

Unlike most Korean celebrities, Alex and Jo Hyun Jung were carefree and attended concerts and dinner parties together. Alex introduced her as his girlfriend to others after they started dating 4 months ago, according to sources.

Alex debuted as the lead vocalist of K-pop band Clazziquai in 2004. Clazziquai’s songs "Be My Love" and "She Is" were featured in the 2005 K-drama My Lovely Sam Soon. Jo Hyun Young debuted as a Rainbow member in 2009.

Alex and Jo Hyun Young are both singers-turned-actors. Alex has filmed PastaI Need Romance 3, and Medical Top Team. Jo Hyun Young starred in Boarding House No. 24.

This is the second singer couple news of the month, followed by IU and Jang Ki Ha’s last Wednesday.

Watch Hyunyoung in Boarding House No. 24:

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