Sometimes the stars align in an unexpected way. Right now, in 2018, all 4 leading men who starred in the 4 different versions of  Boys Over Flowers are all single! You probably know about Lee Min Ho and Suzy's breakup, but what happened to the other leading men?

These four handsome actors belong to a very exclusive club. They rose to instant and spectacular fame by playing a wealthy heir who fell for a Cinderella-like poor girl in a compelling tale based on the famous Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. Despite the happy endings on screen, it seems that fans will have to wait awhile longer for real-life happy endings.

1. Jerry Yan, as Dao Míng Sì in Meteor Garden (Taiwan)

Jerry Yan just celebrated his 41st birthday on January 1. Fans were hoping for an official announcement of his  rekindled romance with Taiwanese super model-actress Lin Chi-ling, but alas, none came. If and when this couple really marry, it will be a 15-year dream come true for their devoted fans. Wouldn't it be awesome if all the original actors, including leading lady Barbie Hsu, along with their children attend the wedding?

2. Jun Matsumoto, as Tsukasa Domyōji in Hana Yori Dango (Japan)

Jun Matsumoto and his leading lady Mao Inoue have been frequently rumored to be dating ever since their drama unleashed a new fervor for the beloved manga story in 2005. The young stars focused on their separate and rising careers  Now he is 34 and she is 30, and fans are still in the dark about what will happen. It's also been reported by tabloid news that Jun had been secretly dating another woman for the past few years. Either way, the leading man is officially single.

3.  Lee Min Ho, as Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers (South Korea)

Lee Min Ho and Suzy called it quits after dating two-and-a-half years since March 2015, when paparazzi caught the two hot celebrities in London. The stunning news of the breakup, confirmed in mid-November last year, seems particularly heart-breaking for the 31-year-old (Korean age) leading man who has been serving his military duty in public service since May. The couple even celebrated their two-year anniversary the previous month. 

Let's wish him and Suzy the best in their separate endeavors. Fans also hope to see Lee Min Ho take a prominent role as the honorary ambassador for the 2018  PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which starts in February.

4. Zhang Han, as Murong Yunhai in Meteor Shower (China)

(L: Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, R: Zhang Han and Guli Nazha)

Zhang Han turbocharged his career in the Chinese BOF version, and even dated his Meteor Shower leading lady, Zheng Shuang, for several years. Unfortunately they went their separate ways. For the past three years, the 33-year-old actor has been dating actress Guli Nazha in an apparently steady relationship. Fans were stunned on December 25 when the couple jointly announced that they had amicably terminated their dating relationship back in October. They called their three years together "a beautiful life experience."

It's too bad that the actors who brought us such joy with their on-screen romances are still single in real life. That's not to say they aren't happy, and maybe they're working on special ventures. It is their personal life, but since their dramas have been so influential and emotionally affecting, fans can't help but wish for their beloved stars to enjoy real-life happiness.


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In the meantime, consider re-watching Boys Over Flowers while we wish wholeheartedly for new happiness for everyone in the new year ahead.

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