all-about-eve The last drama that Hallyu superstar (and one of the most famous Korean actors of all time) Jang Dong Gun made before deciding to focus on his movies, All About Eve is generally considered a classic among Korean dramas, and was one of the most popular dramas of 2000.

Sun Mi (Chae Rim) has always had a happy life. Raised by her loving father after her mother dies, she spends her childhood alongside best friend and semi-boyfriend Woo Jin (Han Jae Suk). But all that changes when her father decides to adopt Young Mi Huh (Kim So Yun), a girl the same age as Sun Mi who is left orphaned after her alcoholic father is killed while working for Sun Mi's father's construction company. Sun Mi's new stepsister is every bit as beautiful as she is - but her heart is as cold as ice. Envious of all that Sun Mi has, she goes after everything that she loves, first stealing Woo Jin from her and then joining the television network she works for in hopes of taking her job from her.

Soon, the two young news reporters are competing for the top position in the network, and when one of the network's top executives Hyong Chul (Jang Dong Gun) begins to fall in love with Sun Mi, Young Mi goes after him also, sparking a no-holds-barred battle between the stepsisters. Young Mi, however, is hiding a darker past than just an alcoholic father, and when a dangerous figure from her past re-appears, things begin to spin wildly out of control.

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